Friday, June 6, 2014

Waiting for my quick fix

                So really in a blah kind of mood watching You Tube videos of movies coming out this year. Some funny, some silly, some that are sci fi like and some that make you think. I like all kinds of movies but within that minute and thirty second clip you see the movie for what it’s worth. Its selling points and whether you’re watching a comedy or a Zach Braff find yourself movie, you see the beginning and then the climax before the slow ending.
                I watched a bit of Zach Braff’s new movie and of Jason Bateman’s new one as well. There are many movies coming out with a sort of main character is lost and trying to find themselves. Then as if on queue for the story something happens to jar them out of their free floating state to give them a direction on where to go with their lives.
                This new direction seems to be the right path they need to go down. Sometimes willingly or unwillingly they travel, they find their talents and abilities are made for this path. Their blissful transformation shows us that we all have some kind of purpose and leaves us with a sense of there is meaning to this world.
                Even The Fault in Our Stars and Maleficent have characters that are lost and yet they find themselves in the end. I’m waiting for this ‘quick’ fix. This moment of epiphany where I know what path to take, what road to choose and what direction to set sail in.
                In the sea of failure and desperation, one tends to cling on and hope that we’re put on an island of hope or chance. If “pain is deserved to be felt”, thank you John Green, what if there is an abundance of pain that has been felt and let go; yet comes back to haunt you while you try to make your life better?
                There are times when a quick fix is exactly what someone needs. That little jolt from the ‘verse (sorry Browncoat, I don’t call the Universe the Universe, it’s the ‘verse) to push you in the right direction. I’m not looking for crazy jolt here, though wouldn’t mind a call from Nathan Fillion or Joss Whedon for a job.
                I know that in the movies, we can only write what we wish for. A twist of fate, a sprinkling of good fortune and a touch of the unreal luck that brings us our heart’s desire. I think that’s what is so appealing to me about these movies. Yes, I did love Garden State.
                I would love to have that wonderful quick fix to give me a little hope. To give me that little extra sense that there is power in the ‘verse that is helping me. Edging me along and that I’m not alone. (Not the physical alone part, though yeah sorta. The child, parents and grandmother can’t really comfort you like an SO can do. I miss that.)
                So ‘Verse here you go, I’d love a quick fix that not only rights all the sucky parts of my life but allows my new fortune to beef up the rest of humanity. To allow me to donate to charity, help people and to make other’s dreams come true. Hey, breakfast with Nathan Fillion as well as some game time would be great. Nothing wrong with gaming with your ‘crush’, I mean I’m sure he’s good in World of Warcraft, right? BTW, really of Joss ever has any jobs … so going to send as many resumes as I can. It would be sooooooooooooo awesome!

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