Friday, June 6, 2014

Open Letter to those that aren’t fond of Obamacare.

Dear Fellow Humans,

            I understand your displeasure and your unhappiness of the situation. Yes, as the President said the project didn’t go as smoothly has he had planned. The idea was simple, make health care a fundamental right for all to have and to allow those that couldn’t afford it be able to afford it. The idea came from many countries that already have this system in place like Morocco, South America, China, India, Israel, Austria, Finland, Demark, France Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, and many others. Check the link if you want the full listing of countries (

            I know that your premiums have gone up as well. Some 500 dollars and others even more than that. I know it’s a joke at parties for those that can afford or have been given from their employer’s health care coverage. I’m happy that you have it really I do, but you are all missing one thing in your jokes and your polite jabs at the program. The program was designed for people like me.

            I am a college graduate with a BA in psychology. I am currently going back to get my AA and then moving on to get my BS in Health Information. I was let go from my full time position about four years with only TWO days left on my medical coverage. I had no time to stock up for a year on meds due to a condition I was born with.

            I had hoped that it would be a swift process finding a job and being able to get back on a health care program to continue my visits. What I had hoped and what had come to be are two separate things. I went two years without a job, and the money for unemployment had run out. I wasn’t lazy, I was far from letting the system take care of me.

            I had spent those two years sending out I’d say roughly 4 to 5 THOUSAND applications and resumes. I didn’t stop, and I pressed on after each rejection and every time I didn’t hear back from someone. I managed to get a part time job at Panera. Sadly I could only get health insurance if I worked full time and they weren’t looking for full time work.

            I needed a job so I took what I could get. Mind you, I am a single mom and I am going to school. When I applied and was hired at my second job, again no health benefits, I was elated that I could at least employed to help boost my income.

            I have and still do look for full time work, but so are many others. The standards for full time work has changed. My bachelors is no longer a stepping stone I had once banked on to get a good job. I’m going up against those with masters and doctorates now. The huge market crash is still rippling through the job world and for those that don’t see it, I’m glad you don’t have to go through with this.

            What does this have to do with Obamacare? Obamacare is allowing me to back to see a doctor again. Allowing me to be able to get the health care I need and surely miss. I will be able to maybe see a dentist and have my teeth cleaned again. I will be able to get checked up and will be able to handle, possibly, the fees that come with seeing a doctor again.

            Yes, I will be on medicade and it will be a miracle to find a doctor that will take it. The fact is with the jokes and the side comments that ignorant people make, you have no idea what you’re hurtful words are doing. You’re slamming down our hope, and our chance to feel ‘normal’ again. Our chance to see a doctor and to be cared again within the medical field.

            Do you think we enjoy being unemployed? Do you think that we like not being able to see a doctor? Do you think we don’t get panic attacks when we get sick and wonder who will see us because we don’t have insurance? How scared we are to think if this cold develops into pneumonia, how will I get the medicine to save my life?

            Maybe if you got out of that tightly taped up box of yours and looked around you, you’d see me. You’d see the hundreds and thousands of me looking back at you. Your fellow man, your peers that have the same education as you and are down on our luck. You’ll see mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins trying to make it and trying to survive with what they have. Stop being so selfish and just thinking about yourself.

            Oh, and one little fact for you. For those that think that the money you’re putting into your medical insurance is being reserved for you and all of your bills. It’s not. It never has been. It works just like your auto insurance does. You pay in, while the insurance is paying out others and they pay for you. So why should you pay for others when you’re just paying for yourself? Well you’re already doing it, same concept different name.

            So please have a second thought to slamming Obama care, and other assistance programs. You’re not just making a punch line, you’re really punching someone’s hope, self-esteem, and life line in the gut. You’re being a bully and a snob. If the shoe was on the other foot, if you were in my place, how would you feel?

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